Our Services

Basic Patient Transport

These road ambulances are best suited for non-emergency patient transport within city.It is suggeested for Hospital Discharges or visits to physiotherapy, Dialysis, X-Ray and other medical appointments.

AC Ambulance Service

This ambulance is best suited for Less critical condition patient. It is an A/c ambulance equipped with necessary basic Life support system such as oxygen, suction Pump & medicines e.t.c. This service is suggested for Inter / Intra city transport of patients.

ICU Ambulance Service

This type of ambulance is as good as a ICU of a hospital on wheels. It is suggested for transfer of Critical condition Patients. Equipped with a latest Life Saving Equipments such as Ventilator, Monitor, Syringe Pumps E.t.c & expert Paramedic. It is best suited for Intra & Inter- City Transfer of Patients.

Dead Body Transportation

In the unfortunate event of Death of a loved one. This service helps in shifting of Mortal Remains to hometown or any other required place.

Nursing Service and Medical Equipment on Rent

In case of requirement of home care service this is most suitable. This service can be provided as on need basis. Paramedics or Equipments such as ventilator, Bipap,Cpap can be provided.

Ambulance Fabrication

If you are an existing ambulance owner or if you want to upgrade your ambulance. This service provides a solution to your needs. We provide a one stop solution for it. We can customize the vehicle as per your needs in your budget ensuring high quality product.