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ICU Ambulance Service Kanpur

ICU ambulance or Intensive Care Unit ambulance is the most sophisticated ambulance service of all types. Under this service critical condition patients are transported safely from one hospital to another for diagnosis or better treatment. It is also known as Advance Life Support Ambulance or Ventilator ambulance service.
This type of ambulance is equipped with high tech medical equipment’s of hospital ICU grade such as Ventilators, BIPAP, CPAP, Defibrillators, Multi para monitor, Laryngoscope, Syringe pump, Infusion Pump, Oxygen supply system etc.
All of these lifesaving apparatus are monitored by an experienced & trained paramedic who ensure that the patient remains stable during the course of Journey.
In case of a life-threatening situation the paramedic takes necessary procedure to ensure safety of patient. Few procedures that might be done by paramedics are insertion Central Line on patient, Intubation, installation of IV canula, Follis Rt, Catheterization, RT insertion etc. Our paramedics are trained for all the above procedure. Usually only one paramedic is sufficient for an ICU ambulance. But if the patient is very critical in that case more than one paramedic may be needed.
For ICU ambulance we ensure that Drivers of these ambulances are also highly trained & experienced because everyone’s life, safety depends upon them. We ensure them that they are well rested before starting any journey.
We know that ICU ambulance service is not just a vehicle on hire instead a team of man & machines, in which everyone’s performance counts.
We are the most experienced ambulance service provider in terms of ICU ambulance service in Kanpur City of Uttar Pradesh, so you can trust us. ICU ambulance service is near you round the clock.
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