NICU Ambulance Service

NICU Ambulance in Kanpur

NICU Ambulance Service Kanpur

Handling of a neonatal is much different from handling an adult. Comparing to an adult their size is very small, thus every aspect of their healthcare becomes a challenge.
Therefore there is a need of specialist ambulance for handling of a critical condition patient Neonatals or infants.
This ambulance service is for catering the needs of transportation of New-born babies or infants of few days. This ambulance is equipped with NICU level equipment. These equipment are specialized for new born & are different from adult’s one.
Some of the equipment are Infant Ventilator, Baby Multi para monitor equipped with probes of infant size & BP cuff, Defibrillator with infant pads, tray & hoods for carrying neonatal on stretcher etc.
Paramedics on this ambulance are specialist of neonatal. They ensure that the neonatal gets the best care even on ambulance.
At Anand Ambulance Service Kanpur we are experienced & resourced to manage any need of emergency transportation for neonatal care through our NICU ambulance service in Kanpur.
So if you need one connect to us via our helpline no 9415132276 for instant service or book through the below online booking form.

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