Frequently Asked Question

FAQ - Anand Ambulance Service Kanpur

As a customer we expect that you might have some queries from us. So we try to answer much of the standard one's over here. Please feel free to connect us via our helpline number or whatsapp for any querry, we would love to hear you.

Q.1 Do you provide ambulance services for free?

Answer- No, Our ambulance services are chargable. So you will have to pay us.

Q.2 Why your ambulance service is not free?

Answer- Our ambulance's are privately owned so we are not financially supported by Government. First of all we have to buy ambulances than maintain them, clean & sanitize them, pay for fuel & consumables, staff salary, insurance, office expenses etc. We even keep spare parts in store for the vehicle in standby including engines & gearboxes so that in case of a breakdown we can immediately get the vehicle up & ready. So you can see there are lot of expenses & capital involve. Thus we can not provide free ambulance service.

Q.3 What are your working hours?

Answer- We keep our offices always open because there is no fixed time to have an emergency. So you can call us round the clock 365 days & our services will be made available to you.

Q.4 Where do you operate from?

Answer- We operate from Kanpur our office is located at J-2/99, Vijay Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India. We are always open. So feel free to visit us.

Q.5 Which geographical area do you serve?

Answer- We service following geographical areas of Kanpur, Kanpur Dehat, Etawah, Fatehpur, Shuklaganj & Unnao only. Patients can be recieved from any of these locations & can be shifted/transported to any city of India.

Q.6 Do you have more than one branch office?

As of now we have only one branch located at J-2/99, Vijay Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. We don't have any other branch.

Q.7 Are there more than one type of ambulances?

Answer- Yes! there are many types of ambulances. Each dedicated to its own special purpose. The list is not exhaustive but are:
a)- ICU Ambulance- This ambulance is used for Critical condition Patient which requires continous monitoring & care. Equipped with all types of ICU equipment & paramedic alongwith different type of strechers etc. This ambulance is a life saver.
b)- NICU Ambulance- This ambulance is equipped with specialist equipment for Infant/neonatal care. The paramedic is also Infant/Neonatal expert.
c)- Cardiac Care Ambulance- This ambulance is a variation of ICU ambulance which is also equipped Defibrilator, External Pacemaker & specialst Paramedic of cardiac speciality.
d)- AC Ambulance- This ambulance is equipped with air conditioning.
e)- Ambulance with oxygen- This is usually a variation of BPT or Normal Ambulance capable of carrying an oxygen delivery system.
f)- Normal Ambulance- These ambulances are also known as BPT or Basic Patient Transport. They are used for carrting less critical patients.
g)- Hospital on wheels- This type of ambulances are Big. They have a dedicated O.T room, a doctors room, Pharmacy etc. They are actually hospital on wheels.
h)- Burn Care Ambulance- These ambulances are specially sanitized & equipped for transporting severly burnt patients.
i)-Infectious Patient Ambulance- These ambulances are equipped with Hazmat suited Paramedics & are usually a variation of ICU ambulance.
k)-Vertinary Ambulance- For carrying animals who need medical attention.

Q.8 What type of ambulance service Anand Ambulance Service offer?

Answer- We provide following ambulance service;
a)- ICU Ambulance service
b)- NICU Ambulance Service
c)-Cardiac Ambulance Service
d)- AC Ambulance Service
e)- Ambulance service with oxygen
e)- Normal Ambulance Service
f)- Dead Body Transport

Q.9 How much time does your ambulance take to reach?

Answer- It usually depends on the type of ambulance needed, distance, traffic & the road conditions. But we can safely say for a distance upto 5km it takes around 20 minutes for ambulances other than ICU/NICU/Caridiac care.
For ICU/NICU/Caridiac care it takes arround 30 minutes.

Q.10 How much do you charge?

Answer- It depends upon the type of ambulance needed, distance, staff requirements, consumables cost & patient disease. Therefore we request you to kindly call us at our helpline number at 9415132276 for getting a quote.

Q.11 Do you sanitize your ambulances?

Answer- Yes! We disinfect our ambulances after every patient shifted. The procedure includes thorough washing with soap, inside & outside. Than we clean the patient cabin with commercially available disinfectants such as phenol / Iso propyl Alcohol etc. Also for ICU ambulances we fumigate it with Formaldehyde & seal it for appx.4 Hrs. So be assured when you use our ambulance it is Clean & Disinfected.

Q.12 What are the modes of payment?

Answer- We accept Cash, UPI BHIM, Paytm, Phonepay, Mobikwik, IMPS & NEFT.Get in our touch for more information regarding your preferred mode of payment.

Q.13 What is your cancellation policy?

Answer- We strongly suggest that please confirm booking of ambulance only when it is necessary & after you have finalized. Because unnecessary booking & holding ambulance may deprive someone who is in need.
But if you need to cancel ambulance once booked than
a)- No charge- If ambulance has not left office before cancellation.
b)- Full charge- If the ambulance has left office before cancellation.

Q.14 Do you provide Bill for ambulance service?

Answer- Yes! we do provide bill for the service provided. Our bill is accepted both by Insurance companies & Government offices for reimbursement.

Q.15 Are these policies applicable for all ambulance service provider?

Answer- No! These FAQ's & policies are only applicable to Anand Ambulance Service Kanpur & are provide for informational purpose only. Other ambulance service providers may have different policies & standards so kindly consult them before availing their services.